November 2017 Update


“I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving" (Psalm 69:30).

Dear Praying Friends,

It's November and it's getting closer to our American holiday of Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful and give thanks. How do we do that when there's pain and suffering all around us? Such evil as innocent people are run over in NYC; and men, women, and children worshipping God are gunned down in a Texas  church!

Why God? We don't understand! How do we give thanks? 

We can always give thanks as we trust Jesus even when we don't understand. His ways are not our ways. He is accomplishing a greater purpose that does not make human sense. We just have to trust His heart of love to do what's best. Trust Him and seek Him in His Word. God's Word has not lost its power. 

There is no life so shattered and devastated that is beyond God's power to redeem and transform it. 

It starts with having a humble heart, and having a heart of gratitude. It's important! 

It's powerful, personal, and takes practice. God gave us the best gift of all by giving us His son Jesus in His grace, taking away a need that we can't meet on our own. That's something to be grateful for, something out of this world - past our immediate circumstances to Jesus, who transcends those circumstances! So let's magnify Him! 

John Piper says that doesn't mean we'll make a small God look bigger than he is but rather, we'll make God look as big as He really is! 

In fact, we are all called to be telescopes taking something big that we can't see and making it known! That's what the Palau team brings to this world everyday, making our invisible, sovereign God known personally! I'm grateful for that and ask that you join me through your thankful, heartfelt prayers for Luis, Andrew and the Palau ministry. 

Please open the below regional reports for more details on how they're revealing our BIG God to a hurting world. 

Thanking and magnifying Jesus in prayer, 
Gail Stockamp


Please open and pray for the people and events represented:  

  • Africa | Highlights from the Yamoussoukro festival in Cote d'Ivoire | Report
  • Asia | Celebrating Christmas in China | Report
  • North America | City Gospel Movements and festival planning in Oregon, Michigan, Texas and Florida | Report
  • Europe | Bold proclamation throughout Europe this week, Luis in Wales | Report
  • Central & South America | Daily prayer update for a festival in Argentina RIGHT NOW | Report
  • Caribbean | Continued prayers for islands devastated by storms and potential Cuba opportunity | Report


  • Love Côte d'Ivoire Festival in West Africa | Yamoussoukro, Cote d'Ivoire festival was October 23-20 and below are some statistics for all events there including affinity events, prison outreaches, school outreaches, and the 3-day festival (not including San-Pédro last weekend with our NGA team):
  • 65,985 people reached in person with the Gospel 
  • 15,850 public confessions of faith in Jesus 
  • That's a decision rate of more than 24 percent! Praise & glory be to God!


  • November 11-19 l Andrew leading La Matanza Festival in Argentina. Pray for receptive hearts to personally accept Jesus; and the LPA team as they engage the churches and finalize the logistics. 
  • November 11-27 | Luis will be in England and Wales for many events.
  • November 27-December 2 | Andrew will share the Christmas story in China. 
  • December 7 | City-wide prayer gathering in Grand Rapids; Tyler, Texas; and Miami. 


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Thank you for magnifying your prayers in thankfulness for Luis, Andrew, and the Palau team as they proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ as our Savior and refuge to those searching in our troubled world! 

Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through him (Colossians 3:17).