March Update

   Keep Staten Island Director Tom Mueller in your prayers this month. See below for more prayer requests.


Keep Staten Island Director Tom Mueller in your prayers this month. See below for more prayer requests.

Greetings from the Northwest Region! Thank you for being intercessors for Staten Island and for all of New York City and the Tri-State region. Many exciting events are happening, or about to happen, and I feel so blessed to be able to lift these praises and requests to our Father alongside you.

 Our theme this month of March is INTERCESSION.  As was shared during our March 10th national prayer call by Connie, our SW Regional director: “Never underestimate the possibility of a reversal of God’s judgment through a loving intercessor. Is there a more awesome role? It has happened in the Bible a numbers of times since. Take note how the early disciples prayed during the night for Peter when he was in prison. It resulted in an escape with an angelic escort (Acts 12:7-12). Prepare to pay a price in intercession when friends or leaders are in crisis situations. We are to always pray for the seemingly impossible, (like NYC!) and never to limit God’s ability or minimize the effectiveness of our partnership with Him in prayer...we have a vital role in what has occurred, what is occurring, and what will occur in NY.” Amen.

Points of praise...
~for the provisional approval for Central Park on July 11-what a wonderful praise this is! We continue to pray for all the many details involved to make this happen.

~the fundraising dinner in Portland last week was very successful, and a wonderful testimony of all going on in New York right now. We praise God for the resources coming in to support this event.   

~this past weekend the For This City Youth Events were held with overflowing crowds of young people, many rededicated to their faith, and the ReNew Events held just weeks before, again with overflow crowds, reenergizing the church body to come together and to serve their community.

Prayer Points...
~the Mini-Festival with Andrew Palau and the band LZ7 the weekend of April 24-26 on Staten Island. Urgent prayer for the venues arrangements to be finalized.

~pray for the week of April 20, when the team will be ministering in schools and prisons around Staten Island; for April 23, an outreach night for college age students; for April 24, an outreach night for high school students; all this leading up to the Mini-Festival April 24-26   

~pray for our area director Tom Mueller and his team; for strength, faith, health, encouragement, and protection to do the task set before them. 

~pray for March 28 Nyack (College) Service day--10 locations all over the region will host volunteers for service opportunities to the homeless, in public schools and more.

~continue to pray for unity within the community of believers, that pastors and churches would unite as never before, and for peace and restoration for Staten Island.

~pray for positive media coverage over all these events, that the Lord would be glorified.

St. Augustine said: “Without God, we cannot; without us, God will not.” I count myself as blessed to be interceding along with you for Staten Island, New York CityFest and CityServe. There are now 1800 members of the National Women’s Prayer Team! Bless you as you lift up these prayers to bring revival to Staten Island, New York City and our country.

Blessings to you-

Kim Grimberg
Northwest Regional Prayer Coordinator