September 2018 Update


“Be still and know that I am God!”
Psalm 46:10

Summer is coming to an end, and as the new school years begin and vacations come to end, we mentally prepare for the busy routines of life to rev up once again. And with the busyness adds the pressure to be constantly connected to our phone and computers with multiple portals of communication (even this email – thank you!).

But where does it end? Or, does it ever?

Did God create us to GO GO GO?


Even He modeled rest for us (Genesis 2:2).

In the midst of our going, doing, and being in this race of life, let’s be sure to take a timeout to pray and seek Him! Enjoy your daily quiet time with the Lord in His Word. A friend of mine shared with me recently that she considers her devotion and prayer time with the Lord as her dessert each day – she looked forward that much to unplugging from the craziness of life and simply being with Him.

So get unplugged and have dessert! Spend some time praying with us for Luis, Andrew and the LPA team as they travel worldwide sharing the Gospel. As you know they just returned from Grand Rapids, so there’s much to share and praise God for! 

Please pray with us and open the below reports to praise God for many answered prayers and to specifically know what to pray for in the months ahead.

Resting in the Power of Jesus’ Name,
Gail Stockamp

“For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.”
Psalm 62:5


Please open and pray for the people and events represented: 

  • Africa | Urgent prayer request for festival site in Abidjan for Cote d’Ivoire festival in February, Andrew and team there this week to launch festival | Report

  • Asia | Praying for approval for distribution of Easter book | Report

  • North America | Celebrating Cityfest West Michigan | Report

  • Europe | UK leaders to gather to catch vision for a larger festival after [email protected] success | Report

  • Central & South America | Historic festival last month with thousands of new believers in Bogota | Report

  • Caribbean | NGA outreach in November in the Dominican Republic | Report


  • Thanksgiving for Bogotá, Columbia!  In August over 850 churches united with LPA to bring multiple outreaches including gatherings for women, business and civic leaders, prisoners with 2 huge festival evenings!  Over 200,000 were in attendance and over 550,000 watching online worldwide.  Over 18,000 accepted Jesus into their hearts! Learn more at

  • Praise for CityFest West Michigan last weekend! Luis is strengthened enough to attend and bless the people in Grand Rapids (his first time leaving Oregon since last November)! More than 39,000 heard the Good News over the week and we saw God move in amazing ways bringing more than 1,830 people to follow him. Read the full ministry report at

  • United Kingdom Tour, 4 Cities of England, October 1-5

  • Pastor’s Conference in Abidjan, Africa October 17-18

  • NGA  Outreach in Dominican Republic November 6-12

  • Jose C Paz, Argentina Festival, November 12-18 

  • God to be glorified in the upcoming Palau movie to be released in early 2019

  • Complete healing for Luis from his lung cancer and Pat from pneumoniaSHARE

Please forward this email to your praying friends and invite them to join us. They can sign up at to receive future emails and prayer requests. If it helps, print out the requests and keep them in a spot where you’ll remember to pray. (It helps me!)


Thank you for joining us in prayer! I pray you are blessed, as you unplug from the cares of today, giving them all to our Lord as you rest in Him. 

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."
Exodus 33:14