May Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Things are heating up and our team is moving quickly as the Spirit of God is at work!

PRAISE GOD WITH US for all He has done this past month:

•    Luis encouraged over 450 Pastors/Leaders at a retreat on Long Island, spoke to over 5,000 with over 300 decisions for Christ, and reached out to over 250 Cadets at West Point!
•    Andrew spent last week visiting Riker’s Island prison facilities, freeing dozens from sin’s bondage; 10 students received Jesus at an event at the College of Staten Island, and at a youth night of over 250 kids hearing the Gospel message… 42 chose to follow Jesus!
•    Kevin appeared on TBN in Dallas, with TBN agreeing to tape and air the Festival!

And, God opened up another NYC landmark to proclaim Christ- Radio City Music Hall! PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS FAVOR!

Think of it:
July 7 Radio City
July 10 Times Square 
July 11 Central Park

Events are happening with increased frequency!  Daily people are spreading the Good News in The City, preparing for the Gospel to be to proclaimed to the masses and serving their neighbors. Check out our May calendar!  Print out copies to place in your Bible, on your mirror or kitchen counter. Print an extra to share with a friend!

Pray specifically for the publicity of all these wonderful events! May 4th a campaign will be launched to let the people know that there is GOOD NEWS IN THE CITY! Buses, subway stations and billboards will help spread the word. Radio, television, newspaper and social media will share the many events planned for each borough. It will be exciting to see how God draws people to Himself (and the events we’ve been praying over!) using these methods. Churches and bodies of believers will also receive materials to personally use when inviting their family and friends to come hear The Good News.  

Also this month 1,000’s will need to be trained as volunteer counselors for those who come forward wanting to know more of Jesus at a CityFest event.  Dedicated believers, speaking all languages, are needed to guide people into the Kingdom. Pray for these volunteers, their training times and for those the Lord will partner them with.

The beginning of June will bring two wonderful opportunities to minister to women and business/civic leaders in the city at special dinner events. Please pray for believers who are busy inviting their friends and co-workers. May tables be filled (June 1st & 9th) with those needing to hear the hope of Jesus!

Continue to ask God to pour out His favor and wisdom over every LPA team member as they work hard to solidify plans and mobilize these events. Ask for wisdom as they consider the program for each event- that even the smallest detail would come to together, the love of Jesus would be evident and the Gospel would be clearly proclaimed.

Beginning May 11th, we will be rotating a daily fast for each borough!  In Daniel chapter 9, Daniel pleads for Jerusalem, just as we are crying out to God for NYC and our nation!  “So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting…” Daniel 9:3.  You may choose to fast from food for the day or a meal. You may choose to fast from something other than food itself- social media, television, etc. Choose not only what you will fast from but how you will dedicate this time to seeking God on behalf of this great Gospel Movement and then join other women in your region on your assigned day.
To determine which day and borough your region is fasting and praying for, find your state below: 
SUNDAY:  WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, PA, WV, VA, MD (Northern/Great Lakes) | Praying and fasting for: The Bronx
MONDAY:  TX, OK, KS, MO (Southern Midwest) | Praying and fasting for: New Jersey
TUESDAY:  DE, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME (Northeast) | Praying and fasting for: Connecticut
WEDNESDAY:  AZ, UT, NM, CO (Southwest) | Praying and fasting for: Brooklyn
THURSDAY:  OR, WA, ID, AK (Northwest) | Praying and fasting for: Staten Island
THURSDAY:  CA, NV, HI (West) | Praying and fasting for: Long Island
THURSDAY:  MT, WY, ND, SD, NE, MN, IA (Northern Midwest) | Praying and fasting for: Westchester County
FRIDAY:  LA, AR, MS, AL, TN, KY (South) | Praying and fasting for: Queens
SATURDAY:  FL, GA, SC, NC (Southeast) | Praying and fasting for: Manhattan 

Don’t forget that you are always invited to join us on our national Prayer Calls. As we walk through this time of increased activity, we will be adding call dates. Our prayer calls for May will be Tuesday May 12th, and May 26th, 1:00pm PDT. Simply dial 712-432-1212 and enter code 931-416-121 when prompted to accompany your regional leaders in prayer.

Forward this note to a praying friend. Spread the News on your social media outlets!  Let it spread like wildfire!

Paying and Fasting with you for His glory,
Gail Stockamp

For our God is a consuming fire. Hebrews 12:29