April Update

Dear Sisters (and Brothers) in Christ,
I pray you were blessed by receiving your National Women’s Prayer Team journal in the mail this month! Enjoy using it for your benefit and His glory. Here are some important prayer requests regarding NY CityServe:


  • New Canaan Society Retreat in DC (May 2-4) - Luis is a keynote speaker at this conference and we will have a breakout session for those interested in our efforts in New York. Pray this will have an impact and that we can harness key relationships from this time.
  • Borough Meetings (May 13-15, 20-22) - These meetings are designed to share vision and invite more churches to join and participate with us. Pray that these meetings are effective in spreading the news and inviting others to join these meetings.
  • NY CityServe Leadership team formation - Pray for continued encouraging responses with the right leaders engaged for the first executive meeting slated for June 10th.
  • PRAY NY! (June 14) - Every zip code in NYC is being covered in prayer as the churches dedicate time to pray for the city and for their neighborhoods. Pray for a powerful witness this day and for many of the leaders who will carry forward in prayer for CityServe and CityFest.


  • Mobilization Staff - We have 13 Pastors and leaders in New York who are serving in this role. They are helping to mobilize, share the message and build unity. Pray for each one that their calls, visits, and encouragement would be compelling.
  • Office Leadership – Currently, we have one administrative assistant hired in New York, and we are in the process of finding another. Pray the right person will emerge!
  • Palau Staff – Pray for safe travel as we continue to move between home and New York, wisdom as we build and grow support, discernment and spirit-led decision making, and for communication to be effective and clear.


In your journal, you’ll find daily prayer requests for NY CityServe. We encourage you to get into a rhythm of prayer each day of each week leading up to the campaign. Here are some specific requests for this month you can be praying for:

  • SUNDAY: The Lost - Pray for revival in New York City and across our nation. Revival begins with brokenness by recognizing our sin... responding with humility, repentance and dependence on God through Jesus Christ. Let that be so, for New York and the United States!
  • MONDAY: Luis and the Staff – Pray for Luis Palau and the local staff. Pray that the Lord would guide their efforts and give them wisdom as they navigate the plans for this major initiative.
  • TUESDAY: Local Committee Leaders - Pray for the 20 part-time church coordinators in each borough/area. In addition, pray that God will open hearts for those asked to lead to say “yes,” on both the church and key marketplace business leadership sides.
  • WEDNESDAY: Civic Leaders - Pray for favor with the New York City mayor, Bill de Blasso.
  • THURSDAY: Pastors and Churches - Pray for churches of all denominations to come on board in unity over the essential gospel message, without division or misunderstandings on the non-essentials. Pray that all will feel welcome and set aside any differences for full participation in CityServe.
  • FRIDAY: Media - Pray for open doors with the media.
  • SATURDAY: Christian Business Leaders - Pray for the final preparations for the Borough Meetings.

WE PRAISE GOD that we have 300 members on the National Women’s Prayer Team! We want women praying across the nation. Please forward this email and share these prayer requests with your family, friends, church, prayer groups, any and all believers you may know.

In Jesus' Name,

Gail Stockamp
Prayer Coordinator
Psalm 25