March Update

   Keep Levi Park in your prayers this month. See below for more prayer requests.


Keep Levi Park in your prayers this month. See below for more prayer requests.

Dear Prayers from Mid-South States Praying for New Jersey,

What a joy it is to be on the LORD’s side, agreeing together, partnering with fellow believers, and praying for God to do abundant things, more than we even ask.  Thank you for praying for the Feed the Need project during the cold week of February 16th.  What a success that huge endeavor was.  Steve Sargent, the director of Feed the Need, wrote the following about the event:

The challenges we experienced at Feed the Need were fairly bizarre and significant, but NOTHING that our great KING can’t handle. We had two snowstorms, temps below 0, forklifts that wouldn’t start, trucking confusion, people passing out/vomiting and a giant bat flying around in our packing area!  I don’t say this to complain, but to rejoice in the truth that the gates of hell will not prevail and nothing, absolutely nothing can stop our great God from doing or allowing what pleases Him!  Surely, the body of Christ locking arms in unity to accomplish such a huge outpouring of His love.  

As I am writing this on Sunday, 3/15, there is a youth event being held this evening in Hamilton, NJ for youth.  Tonight is the final evening of a three night youth rally in different parts of the city and 4000 youth are expected to attend in total.  Andrew Palau, Chris Durso and Danny Sanabria are the speakers, challenging youth to surrender their lives to the Lord and lay down the harming habits that are damaging their lives.  Friday and Saturday nights were amazing with many young people committing their lives to the Lord.  We pray that tonight is the same, we pray that the Holy Spirit would powerfully open the eyes of the youth of NJ, woo and move them to trust in the Lord’s saving grace!

Please continue to pray for New Jersey through this month as the leaders continue to formulate outreach plans and sites.  Specifically, outreaches are hopeful in the towns of Elizabeth, Clinton, Ocean Grove, Patterson, and Suffolk County.  We pray that God would direct and bring key people to lead and participate in these outreaches.  Pray also for Raul Burgos, the New Jersey co-ordinator, that God would fill him with joy, endurance, and enthusiasm as he leads.

Thank you for holding the unfolding plans of New Jersey before our Father.

Pray blessings and joy to all of you.
Diane Gluskin
Regional Prayer Coordinator for the Southern Midwest

For This City Update: Since I first wrote this prayer update For This City New Jersey has taken place and GOD WAS EVIDENT! 1350 young people gathered at Hawthorne Gospel Chapel for the final evening of For This City events.  It was an encouraging and powerful evening of ministry. Hundreds of youth have been challenged and many have given their hearts to the Lord and renewed their commitment. They were all challenged to recognize their place in the advancement of the Kingdom, as a result of freedom and grace given through Jesus Christ! Thank you for praying.