January Update

Hello Praying Saints,

It is so wonderful to be praying with over 1000 people across our country in a united effort for the Palau New York Festival!!!  It is God’s work that we are seeing unfold.  God’s intentions, God’s plans, and God’s will is being imparted to the Palau Team, and we are partnering with them in our prayers to see these dreams come to fruition.  It’s AMAZING and so exciting!!

Already we are seeing God answer so many prayers, doors are opening up and people are getting on board.  In New Jersey, Levi Park (our Church Director, on the ground in NYC/NJ) has said many opportunities are opening up and he has asked for wisdom to make the right choices.  Please join in praying for the location and times for regional evangelistic outreaches throughout the Spring.  There are many groups being considered for these for smaller outreaches:  women’s, youth, businesses, and neighborhoods are all possibilities.  We pray that God would give clarity as these outreach settings are formed.  And we pray that many would meet Jesus for the first time or renew their relationship with the Lord through these outreaches. 

The New Jersey team is also in the midst of choosing an agency for advertising the Palau events.  Let’s pray that the right agency is chosen and their work is excellent.  Pray that the public would see many advertisements for upcoming events and that New Jersey would be well saturated with advertisement both in print and on the radio. 

There are also two special dates that we are praying for.  On Feb 10 in Wayne, NJ, the first of the four day Re:New Conferences will be launched.  Luis Palau and Francis Chan will be speaking and Passion will be leading in praise.  We pray that the Lord moves mightily, bringing throngs of people to be refreshed and revived by the Good News.  We pray for all four evenings of Re:New Conference, each night in a different location.  Lord, have your way in people’s lives and may they come running to meet their Savior and be passionate about living out Your love.  

The next special date is Feb 16-20 in Clinton, NJ where the Palau team is planning a major city/serve event to feed the homeless.  We ask the Lord to provide all their needs: volunteers, finances, food, location, even favorable weather to minister these four days.  Already they have 3000 volunteers but they are asking for many more.

We finally pray that God would strengthen and protect the Palau team working in New Jersey, that the Joy of the LORD would be their STRENGTH!

Thank you for praying with us,
Diane Gluskin
Leader of Southern-Midwest States