November Update

Hello Again,

God is mobilizing and moving in hearts as the NY CityServe & CityFest has been launched and more than 11,000 people across the country are praying for the New York City. Our region has been assigned to pray for New Jersey. We are praying for the location for the Festival in the Summer of 2015. The request was submitted November 1st for a Saturday in Central Park in June: there is also a request for Flushing Meadows for two consecutive days in July. We are praying for the LORD’s leading as to which is HIS will, possibly both could be HIS pleasure. Please pray for guidance in this crucial decision.

New Jersey has launched its CityServe initiative.  The core churches that have taken an active role will be reaching the 10-15 local churches in their area in the hopes of recruiting them for CityServe projects. They will be serving their communities for the next six months leading up to the Festival. Please pray for vision and unity among the leaders of these churches in serving their communities and being the hands of Jesus in meeting vital needs.

There is hope of recruiting 8000 volunteers among these churches to serve 2 million meals to the needy of NJ in February.  Please pray for willingness and enthusiasm plus contributions to meet this request.

Levi Park, the Palau director of the NJ Team, has asked that we pray for unity among the team and among pastors of different denominations.  He has also asked for vision as the team is planning the smaller outreaches through the Winter and Spring of 2015.  Not everyone will be able to attend the Festival in the Summer, but many will attend specific outreaches focusing on specific groups. Please pray for direction as the team sets plans in motion.  We also pray for unity among the team and pastors as they envision God’s direction for what’s to come.

And above all, we pray for an overpowering burden for the lost of NJ and the NY area.  We pray that God would lay upon the hearts of ministers and lay people an urgency to pray for the lost in their communities, an urgency that causes people to pray passionately, boldly, and effectively.

Thank you for being part of the National Women’s Pray Team, it is a privilege for us to pray for God’s mighty move in the leading city in our country, possibly the world.

Praying with you,

Diane Gluskin

Dallas, TX