December Update


Dear Treasured West Coast Praying Women,

Thank you for your offering of powerful and effective prayers on behalf of those living in Long Island.  The culture and needs of this region are newer to many of us and I thank you for your patience in learning specifics. I know we are eager to “know” what God is up to.  Thank you for your persistence as we pray to our God who knows all and holds all power. Who has His plan and His love, which we are seeking to be poured out on the lives in Long Island. As the festival and associated ministry activities become more defined we will receive more specifics to pray for.  And for those very reasons, our current prayers are so critical to lay the foundation and lift up all those who are preparing the way to those we seek to reach. 

Our Regional focus for Long Island covers the Nassau & Suffolk Counties, with a greater work being done in Nassau County due to its much nearer proximity to “the city.” Long Island is LONG. There are approximately 2.6 million residents in these two counties. We do pray for and welcome whatever invitation and overflow can reach Suffolk County. In fact, pray for meetings that are occurring between Bob Bambino, LPA Church Relations Coordinator for Long Island and key pastors from both counties.

Below is a list of overarching and current requests:

  • Pray for the Community Transformation of Long Island through the sharing of the gospel and all the works of equipping and service.
  • Prayer for Larger Christian Organizations and Denominational groups to open up their arms and work together in unity!  Many organizations over time root down with a denominational identity and this can create silos of service.  Pray that these walls/boundary lines would dissolve and allow the Church Body to continue growing and serving together.  Pray for the meetings that Bob Bambino and Tom Mueller are facilitating with these different leaders (favor, shared vision from the Lord).  Pray that these organizations would corroborate more and more.

Main CityServe efforts for Long Island (so far): 

•    “Explore God” evangelistic series.  Many churches are partnering together in an effort to reach out to unbelievers. This is the strongest unified effort happening in the region! This series will be offered to their communities beginning in January leading up to Easter. Pray for many to invite, attend, be saved & mature. Pray for more churches to participate.

•    Convoy of Hope outreaches. “Hope Day New York is a Long Island specific effort occurring in May through June. Pray for 20+ locations to offer mini festivals or block parties, reaching out to their neighborhoods.  Please pray for the planning around this opportunity. 

•    Unified Youth Outreach and possible school assemblies. There is talk about Long Island partnering with the Hispanic community towards these efforts.  Please pray for the vision, leadership and details… and of course those who could be reached through these opportunities.

•    Pray for God to continue to open doors to recruit, share vision and knit His works throughout the Long Island Churches. 

•    Pray for our Long Island Leaders:  LPA’s Tom Mueller, Long Island Church Relations Director, LPA’s Robert Bambino, Long Island Church Relations Coordinator, Long Island Pastors and leaders – those who have joined effort with LPA and those who have yet to commit, and Long Island intercessors, who live in Long Island and have been praying for their region long before we came along to encourage and support. Our Regional Team prays monthly with the NYC Intercessors team, of which these Long Island ladies are a key part.  As you can imagine, they need our prayers of protection and strength to continue their service (Jane, Sue and team).

•    Pray for God to continue to open doors to recruit, share vision and knit His works throughout the Long Island Churches. 

•       Festival Site Location: As this relates to Long Island, God’s will be done. Typically activities hosted in Manhattan (perhaps the festival) do not catch much attention of those living in Long Island. This could change through the Festival campaign. The location of the festival site could impact the involvement/attendance of those living in Long Island. Flushing Meadows would tend to draw the attention of Long Islanders more.

Thanking God for you as you pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people (Eph. 6:18). This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God (2 Cor 9:12).

Thank you for your partnership and prayers.  They matter!

Valerie Hanson, West Regional Prayer Coordinator
Praying for Long Island